Джеки Бэтий

DAMP FLAT BOOKS established in 1999 by Dr Jackie Batey.

I produce limited edition hand made Artist's Books, Zines and single images, many of them satirical, under the brand name of Damp Flat Books. My artist’s books are held in many permanent collections such as the V&A Museum, Tate Britain, The Getty Institute in Los Angeles and the Joan Flasch Collection, Chicago. I am featured on the V&A Website as an example (one of 6) representing U.K. Book Artists. Many of the themes I enjoy working with are, anxiety, satire and modern living. I make limited editions that vary between 10 and 50. I use my own photography, illustration and hand drawn type within my books along with composing the text, designing, printing and binding. I have attended conferences internationally to present my artist's books and to talk about art-zines and illustration. Currently I am working on new artist’s books and zines as well as exploring digital versions for ipads, e-readers whilst having fun exploring printmaking and collage for artist’s books and single images.

I create my own serial Art-Zine called Future Fantasteek! It now runs to over 16 issues and has recently toured the UK and USA, Future Fantasteek! is collected by many libraries and galleries, including Tate Britain and the British Library. all issues can be found in its own blog and are available to read digitally as is the tour catalogue.
Future Fantasteek! has its own blog to keep all the issues together.

I initiated a collection of art zines called Zineopolis that is located within the School of Art and Design at the University of Portsmouth, I also maintain the Zineopolis blog and curate this collection. I delivered a paper at the 'Books and Publishing' conference in Toronto in 2012, which sought to define the genre of the ‘art-zine’. I also presented my own satirical serial zine, Future Fantasteek!

I chose to make limited edition books and multiples for the practical element of my Ph.D. The Safe Cigarette, which I successfully completed in March 2003. My thesis presented a series of Artist’s Books and Multiples of graphic expressions of anxiety, each informed by a comparative study presented as a sequence of Volumes of the visual strategies used to advertise cigarettes in America in mass-circulation magazines between 1945 and 1964. The thesis was presented as a boxed object containing the eight Volumes (also produced as handmade books), with Gatefolds and 9 Artist’s books and Multiples. The thesis identifies specific design and illustration solutions in cigarette advertising such as considerations of artwork, photography, layout, typography, characterisation, and diagrammatic representation of process. The conclusions are then used as the basis for 9 books and multiples in which I explore, within my own artwork, the dynamics of visual instruction, and the devices for reassuring the anxious consumer using irony and humour throughout.
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Unit coordinator and tutor for the final year unit ‘Professional Promotion’ where students design an online portfolio, an illustration portfolio and a creative CV or self-published multiple, with view to their preferred career direction. Unit coordinator and tutor for the second year unit, ‘Social Awareness’ where students develop their research methodology by exploring a social issue in depth. Students identify an area of research then write their own brief to help them identify and develop a visual solution, often working with community groups or schools. Unit coordinator and tutor for the second year unit, ‘Intermediate Professional Practice’ where students develop and online portfolio or blog. They also work in small groups to explore self-publication by making an edition of zines.
Also tutor on second year units in ‘Bookworks’, ‘Sequential Illustration’, ‘Number in Print’.
Final year tutor on all units in Level 6. 

I run the MA Illustration Course which is focussed on socially aware projects.

I supervise PhD students within Art and Design (specialism Artists' Books, Zines, Illustration).

I have also worked on an extensive collaborative digital archiving project aimed at art and design students called Images in Practice that had partners in Australia, Mexico, Finland, South Korea and Malaysia. I instigated the Illustration Course Blog and maintain it. I have worked on various University research projects incorporating new media from interactive educational material focussed around zines and artist’s books. I have also acted as internal examiner for MPhill, PhD reviews (Portsmouth) and external examiner (ALIF Academy, Malaysia).
I also have 10 years experience as a tutor on the Sequence MA at the University of Brighton.
I have been a guest lecturer for UWE Bristol, University of Brighton, Southdown’s College and guest speaker at the Cheltenham illustration awards.  I have also given gallery talks to accompany exhibitions of my artist’s books.

I am a keen printmaker, sometimes used within my artist’s books but also produced in sequences of single images. A selection of my linocuts were exhibited in the Grey Art Lab Gallery, in Minneapolis USA and interview about the work can be heard on podcast. I also enjoy collage and paint, my single images can be seen within the Pale Ire Press blog, where I also include images of work in progress.
This blog/website represents a selection of my Artist’s Books and Multiples over the years, all of which can be purchased from me via email and some are available online through Etsy. Where possible, I've sought to include work-in-progress, images from my sketchbooks along with reference images and early versions - I always enjoy seeing how other people work so I hope you like seeing my working methodology. 

gallery/book1 - headroom

290mm x 110mm folded dark pink stationery card cover with cut-out title revealing metallic barley pattern. Leather tie, metal spiral binding. Graph paper trace fly-leaf. Main body of book printed on to accounting paper french-folded. 14 pages with ending with edition number, signature and maker's emboss.

gallery/book2 - evil eyes

Softback book bound in oatmeal-coloured card. Portrait format measuring 190mm x 110mm. Title is bound in beads into the spine and closed with a green elastic band. 21 printed pages with tipped-in photos. Photo pages are date stamped. Second edition of 20, Brighton 2006 First Edition of 10 was made in hardback with a cloth cover (2005)

gallery/book3 - running secret society

The book measures 18cm x 12cm with a brown & orange manilla cover Saddle-stitched binding with 12 pages on 130gm cartridge paper and fly-leaf. Produced in editions of 20, First Edition produced in 2000 The book is altered for each new edition.