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Kirov Regional Scientific Library. A.Gertsena

Club author's manuscript in Vyatka



of manuscripts exhibition (in «ARTST'S BOOK» format) 

"Literary jokes, games and fantasy


      Choosing  the  theme  of  the new project, we were  guided by a  broad  spectrum of authors writing  both prose and  poetry in this style that the artist  did not have to look  at  the shelves  of the required  product, as well as the fact  that the humorous and  funny stories already  at  work with  them causes a  kind smile and  create a good working  mood, which will  give the audience a good  mood - that's  already half the  battle.

      Books format - at the choice of the  authors (especially for book-objects), but  preferred the  A6 or A5. This is due  to the  fact that large  objects are not always  easy to  place on  the racks, they are  less convenient  to view and are  difficult  to  transport to  other cities for exposures.
      At the  end of the  exhibition  one of the  books (one artist)  will  receive  the  original  "Grand Prix", created  by three artists. The assessment  criterion  will be the audience  likes and  decision authoritative commission consisting of:  People's Artist of Russia V.I.Ushakova (graph) -  Chairman;  Committee members: Honoured Russian artist  A.I.Veprikov (graphic artist, painter);  Director of the  Library. A.Gertsena, N.P.Guryanova Hon.   cultural worker; T.V.Malysheva art critic; Member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia, member of the International Art Fund V.V.Burov.
     The quantity  of books is not limited to, the filing deadline - September 28, 2016.
Each participant will receive a diploma. At the end of the exhibition will be created electronic catalog, which will be freely available online Library. A.Gertsena.
      All submitted books remain in the fund man-made books for further exposure in the Kirov Region and the cities of the Volga-Vyatka region.

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