Dear friends and colleagues! New Year and new projects are just around the corner. I want to say that this year our exhibition activity is successful, as evidenced by past and upcoming exhibitions.

In the new year, we plan to hold several exhibitions. Different exhibitions. The first is, of course, an exhibition in the format of the book of the artist. She will be the sixth in a row. The second is an exhibition of modern graphics. The third is an exhibition of calligrapher artists.

I place the regulations on exhibitions on the site. I invite you and your friends to participate and support our projects.

Valeri Burov

          Dear friends! In my resume I wrote that I am a collector of works of art, I have a good collection and asked: to replenish, if possible, my collection.

          In this regard, I want to say that several artists responded, who generously enriched my collection.

I'll tell you about one of them (other people will also be grateful). This Kirov artist Yuri  Zhdanov, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, a member of Russian designers.

         Yuri  Borisovich is a professor and scientific supervisor at the Moscow Finance and Law Academy. He leads not only active pedagogical work, but also actively show  his works to the public.

         He is an active member of our exhibitions in the format of the Artist's Book. Today I received from him two new books for the November exhibition and, taking this opportunity, he generously supplemented my collection with author's works. This is 58  letters (favorites from three sets) in the "bestial" style. Wonderful miniatures format 150х150 mm. They are executed both in black and white version (capillary pen), and in color, as well as in Russian and English.

         I sincerely thank Yuri, I wish him new creative successes and put a few initial letters on the site as samples.

         I will add that Yuri Borisovich has a "Building Alphabet" (with elements of building materials and structures), "Yaichnitsa" (fried еggs)  and others. Everything is very interesting, original, with great taste and imagination.

        From myself I will say that it would be very good if there is a publisher who not only publishes such ABCs for children and adults, but, perhaps, any book with his letters and illustrations.


Valeri  Burov