Dear friends and colleagues! New Year and new projects are just around the corner. I want to say that this year our exhibition activity is successful, as evidenced by past and upcoming exhibitions.

In the new year, we plan to hold several exhibitions. Different exhibitions. The first is, of course, an exhibition in the format of the book of the artist. She will be the sixth in a row. The second is an exhibition of modern graphics. The third is an exhibition of calligrapher artists.

I place the regulations on exhibitions on the site. I invite you and your friends to participate and support our projects.

Valeri Burov



       After the exhibition "Literary jokes, games and fantasy", which was held in the Kirov Regional Scientific Library. AI Herzen, in the address of our club "Club of author's manuscript in Vyatka" received an offer from  the organizers of the International Chekhov's Book Festival to take part in this exciting project.


         At a meeting of our club, we discussed the invitation and decided - to participate in it, the more that the organizing committee of the festival will award each participant diploma and also involves making the electronic version of the directory, which can be downloaded from the official website of the festival.


       Of course, the specifics of "Chekhov's" theme involves the creation of manuscripts, reflecting the rich literary heritage of Anton Pavlovich, but I'm sure that every artist finds "his" favorite piece and be able to translate it in the author, an individual and original manner, which, in turn, will interest and delight the audience.


       The festival is scheduled to open in mid-May 2017, the time to create enough books.


       Using the capabilities of the site, I invite all the artist those who love the books  of Anton Chekhov,  join to  us and take part in this wonderful project.