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About the international exhibition "Silk Road". Moscow

             Dear friends! on December 23 in Moscow, in the indoor GSTSI Mikhail Pogarsky, together with Evelina Schatz and Vasily Vlasov, opened a new exhibition called "Silk Road". This is one of the most impressive projects of recent years. Although Michael and the entire organizing committee team, in connection with certain organizational and even political difficulties, had to work very hard and aggressively, but the show was excellent (according to some statements - super), whith that  I sincerely congratulate the organizers.
            I recommend to all, if possible, visit it and see it  yourself. In this exhibition was attended by my  kirov's colleagues  by Alexander  Gruzdev and Nadya Frolova, I publish a photo of my book, kindly made by Evelina Schatz,  and other books, you can  to see on the website of Michael Pogarsky or his facebook.
            Congratulations to all the participants of this remarkable project with  a Happy New Year! I wish you happiness, success and new creative achievements.
             Valeri Burov