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For curious

         I am studying through all my life. I am happy about this because it is always interesting to learn something new and it is a good way to support you brain activity. Besides having three graduation degrees from Soviet Union universities, I have got certificates from 9 different courses (3-4 months long), starting with accounting and oyster mushroom cultivation, to English language courses. I have studied these courses since 1991. That’s why I have 24 different jobs for which I have worked or can work.

         I’ve started to collect art pieces since 1982. There were all kinds of paintings, graphics (drawing, watercolor and etching), tapestry, author photos. Most of them are gifts from friends and acquaintances.

         There are absolutely unique works. The oldest painting (it is not dated, but the former owner told her story, and the approximate date of creation) was created either in 1912 or 1913. The artist gave it to his girlfriend, and in 1912 she came to Russia as a teacher in a teacher training college after the Sorbonne. Two years they were in a relationship, but in 1914 she married another man (the son of prominent businessman).

         In my collection I have lots of drawings, watercolors and etchings made by artists who have been dead for many years. Many of these items (like most of the works of these artists) would have disappeared without a trace, but in my collection they are absolutely safe. Unfortunately, the works of many artists after their death, are sent to the dustbins (this is I know for sure).

         Basically, in my collection I have works of Kirov artists, but there are also works of citizens of Saint Petersburg, Tomsk, Ulyanovsk and etc.

         Well, taking this opportunity, and website features I appeal to all who are generous and wants to enrich my collection. I accept a gift artworks of any genre (just do not send memorials from your city squares). I will write gratitude and do some PR for all presenters.

         Sincerely yours,

         Valeriy Burov





         Dear friends, may I ask you a favour?

         Since August 2015 we have held three exhibitions dedicated to artist's book. Under the terms of the exhibitions all of the books are kept in our fund for future exhibitions in Kirov, as well as in libraries and museums in the Kirov region.

         The exhibition "Vyatka. History and Modernity ", held in A. Herzen's library, was shown in the fourth time. There are some places where this exhibition was shown before: Likhanov's library, Janis Rainis' Museum in Slobodskoy town, museum in Belaya Kholunitsa town, Green's Museum. So I can say that these books are always in use.

          So far our fund contains a small number of books, but Michael Pogarsky told me that when he had begun to form his collection parcels with books had started to come from all over the world. Artists from all over the world have taken the initiative themselves.

          According to my friends, colleagues and my own experience any artist likes to show their masterpieces. An artist does not feel like an artist without public recognition. He feels useless. That's why, everyone is trying to put their works on display.

          So, I ask all book-artists to fill up our fund. We will put the information on the website about all artists who will make a donation and all these artist’s books will be shown in the "Books" section, where everyone can see them. Information about the artist will be displayed in the section "Our artists".

          Confirmation of the donation will be sent to each one via E-mail.

          I want to assure everyone that books will certainly be exposed. Information about all exhibitions will be on our website. We are negotiating with other regions of Russia to hold our exhibitions, so, the geography will be gradually expanded.

         Best wishes in the life and work Valeri Burov