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Elena Pavlova (Potanina)


Born: Konotop, Ukraine, 1955

Residence: Saint-Petersburg



S-Peterburg university graduated in 1978. Designer. District work: artist's book, object, artistic treatment of the skin, miniature.



The participant of many Russian and international projects:


International Exhibition "Museum book artist" / Museum of Modern Art "ERARTA" / St. Petersburg;


International project "12 + 12" "Wine and dreams of art" Russian / The Netherlands;


International exhibition "The first book," The State Museum-Reserve "Tsaritsyno" (Bread House) /g.Moskva;


International project at the intersection of mail art and the artist's book "Mail-art-book" / g. Moscow;


The international art project special project of the 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art "Book-Art Botanica" / g. Moscow;


"It has long verse says Neva ..." solo exhibition at the Museum of Political History / Saint-Petersburg and the "Holy Trinity" library;


Personal charity exhibition «Advita» Foundation "Address" in the "Quarter" 2013. / Saint-Petersburg and the "Ellipsis" Piterleend "2014. / G. Smankt Petersburg;


Participated in the "Museum Night" in 2012, 2013., 2014. / G. St. Petersburg;


"Ovoschebazah", "Time of the Book", "For a long time the verses says Neva" Museum of the Political History / g. St. Petersburg:


«INSECTA ORNAMENTALIA» Zoological Museum / g. St. Petersburg;


"Tea with overtones of" Museum-Estate "Christmas", "Bread Museum", "Children's Museum of History" /, St. Petersburg;


"Alice. The images and paradoxes of Lewis Carroll", V-Concept Gallery / St. Petersburg,


An international non-profit First Baltic Biennale of Art Books "Our!" Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Region / St. Petersburg,


"got into trouble", museum "all ranks Petersburg" / St. Petersburg;


"North Shore" Finnish House / g. St. Petersburg; "Groundless on the basis of" Soil Science Museum. Dokuchaev / g. St. Petersburg;


Second Independent Print Triennial "BIN" of 2014, the Union of Artists / St. Petersburg-winner of the 3rd place.;


Third European Biennial artist's book project "Origami" rossiskih 2014 Library of Art. / G. Moscow,


"Slavic Bazaar" exhibition "Big originals" Vitebsk Regional Museum / g. Vitebsk, Belarus;


Krasnoyarsk Book Fair 2014. The "Ellipsis" and "Origami" / Krasnoyarsk;


"RARA AVIS" and "Autumn mood" microminiature museum "Lefty" / St. Petersburg / 2014,


"Christmas Mystery" Museum of Ethnography of Peoples of Russia / g. St. Petersburg / 2014-2015,


"Artist's Book" / g. Syktyvkar / 2015. "Artbook» V-Concept Gallery / St. Petersburg / 2015.


"Orphic cosmogony" ROSIZO / g. Moscow / 2015. "Book plyamya" Biblioteca. Herzen / g. Vyatka / 2015.,


"Address", Library. AN Kuprina / Gatchina Leningrad / 2015.


"Standing at the stern of time" Museum-Estate "Rozhestva" / St. Petersburg / 2015., As part of the exhibition "taped citizen" project «Mail-Art- Book "Art space" MuzeyNeIgrushki "/ g. Tula / 2015.


"Worm Song" Children's Library of History of Culture of St. Petersburg / St. Petersburg / 2015.,