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 Dear friends and colleagues! New Year and new projects are just around the corner. I want to say that this year our exhibition activity is successful, as evidenced by past and upcoming exhibitions.

In the new year, we plan to hold several exhibitions. Different exhibitions. The first is, of course, an exhibition in the format of the book of the artist. She will be the sixth in a row. The second is an exhibition of modern graphics. The third is an exhibition of calligrapher artists.

I place the regulations on exhibitions on the site. I invite you and your friends to participate and support our projects.

Valeri Burov


Elena Pavlova (Potanina)


Born: Konotop, Ukraine, 1955

Residence: Saint-Petersburg



S-Peterburg university graduated in 1978. Designer. District work: artist's book, object, artistic treatment of the skin, miniature.



The participant of many Russian and international projects:


International Exhibition "Museum book artist" / Museum of Modern Art "ERARTA" / St. Petersburg;


International project "12 + 12" "Wine and dreams of art" Russian / The Netherlands;


International exhibition "The first book," The State Museum-Reserve "Tsaritsyno" (Bread House) /g.Moskva;


International project at the intersection of mail art and the artist's book "Mail-art-book" / g. Moscow;


The international art project special project of the 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art "Book-Art Botanica" / g. Moscow;


"It has long verse says Neva ..." solo exhibition at the Museum of Political History / Saint-Petersburg and the "Holy Trinity" library;


Personal charity exhibition «Advita» Foundation "Address" in the "Quarter" 2013. / Saint-Petersburg and the "Ellipsis" Piterleend "2014. / G. Smankt Petersburg;


Participated in the "Museum Night" in 2012, 2013., 2014. / G. St. Petersburg;


"Ovoschebazah", "Time of the Book", "For a long time the verses says Neva" Museum of the Political History / g. St. Petersburg:


«INSECTA ORNAMENTALIA» Zoological Museum / g. St. Petersburg;


"Tea with overtones of" Museum-Estate "Christmas", "Bread Museum", "Children's Museum of History" /, St. Petersburg;


"Alice. The images and paradoxes of Lewis Carroll", V-Concept Gallery / St. Petersburg,


An international non-profit First Baltic Biennale of Art Books "Our!" Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Region / St. Petersburg,


"got into trouble", museum "all ranks Petersburg" / St. Petersburg;


"North Shore" Finnish House / g. St. Petersburg; "Groundless on the basis of" Soil Science Museum. Dokuchaev / g. St. Petersburg;


Second Independent Print Triennial "BIN" of 2014, the Union of Artists / St. Petersburg-winner of the 3rd place.;


Third European Biennial artist's book project "Origami" rossiskih 2014 Library of Art. / G. Moscow,


"Slavic Bazaar" exhibition "Big originals" Vitebsk Regional Museum / g. Vitebsk, Belarus;


Krasnoyarsk Book Fair 2014. The "Ellipsis" and "Origami" / Krasnoyarsk;


"RARA AVIS" and "Autumn mood" microminiature museum "Lefty" / St. Petersburg / 2014,


"Christmas Mystery" Museum of Ethnography of Peoples of Russia / g. St. Petersburg / 2014-2015,


"Artist's Book" / g. Syktyvkar / 2015. "Artbook» V-Concept Gallery / St. Petersburg / 2015.


"Orphic cosmogony" ROSIZO / g. Moscow / 2015. "Book plyamya" Biblioteca. Herzen / g. Vyatka / 2015.,


"Address", Library. AN Kuprina / Gatchina Leningrad / 2015.


"Standing at the stern of time" Museum-Estate "Rozhestva" / St. Petersburg / 2015., As part of the exhibition "taped citizen" project «Mail-Art- Book "Art space" MuzeyNeIgrushki "/ g. Tula / 2015.


"Worm Song" Children's Library of History of Culture of St. Petersburg / St. Petersburg / 2015.,