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                Ended regular exhibition of artist books' literary jokes, games and fantasy. " The total number of participants has risen to 57 people and books - 74.
               The impression of her in the audience left a very bright and  positive reviews. Moreover, some professional artists  of Vyatka, did not participate in previous exhibitions, expressed a wish to participate in the next exhibitions. This is a good sign, indicating that the artist's book is not only interesting, but it is safe to say for a long time "registered" in Vyatka. This is very encouraging.
               At the end of the exhibition members of the jury, chaired by People's Artist of Russia Vera Ushakova have carefully studied all the books and came to a unanimous decision: to award GRAND PRIX Diana Fogvell (Dianne Fogwell, Australia) for the book «Amus» . It was noted the high quality of design, illustration and their author's print, whith  I sincerely congratulate Diana.
               Now, when the exhibition is over, I  will open the "secret" GRAND PRIX. This is an original, hand-held design bottle containing "Vyatskiy intoxicating drink", that is high quality double cleaning vodka and insisted on pine nuts, berries, hawthorn, mountain ash and wild rose.
               To drink attached playful "Certificate" with the results of laboratory and "tasting" tests, which says that contaminants, such as arsenic, strontium, strychnine, cyanide, etc. is not detected and, therefore, the drink is recommended for use in the company friends and colleagues.
               I hope that Diana appreciate our sense of humor  and the prize will not be take offence for the lack of "beverage" as to fill the bottle is not possible because of the prohibition of alcohol shipment abroad.
                Well, we are concerned about the new ideas and new projects that are planning to open in April 2017 (the first) and October 2017 (second).
               All participants of the exhibition to express my deep gratitude and best wishes in life and work.
               The curator of the exhibition          Valery Burov