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 Dear friends and colleagues! New Year and new projects are just around the corner. I want to say that this year our exhibition activity is successful, as evidenced by past and upcoming exhibitions.

In the new year, we plan to hold several exhibitions. Different exhibitions. The first is, of course, an exhibition in the format of the book of the artist. She will be the sixth in a row. The second is an exhibition of modern graphics. The third is an exhibition of calligrapher artists.

I place the regulations on exhibitions on the site. I invite you and your friends to participate and support our projects.

Valeri Burov


Iliya Pestov-Celishev


Born in 1985 in the city of Kirov (Vyatka)

in a family of artists

     2000 - graduated from the Humanities and Art Lyceum of the Vyatka Art College. A.A .Rylova .Kirov.

     2003 - graduated from vocational school number 5 of Kirov, specialty "Tailor’s cutter".
     Since 2003 - Study in Vyatka State Humanitarian University, at the faculty "Technology and Design" specialty "Costume Design".
     Since 2004, member of the Artists Union of Russia and International Federation of Artists, Section: Painting.
     2007 - Certified member of 7 international contest of young designers "Russian Silhouette" Kirov. "Russian Silhouette" charity fund.
     2007 - Member of the Youth Association of the artists at the All-Russia creative public organization "Union of Russian Artists."
     2007 - graduated from the Kirov SEI College of Technology in the specialty "Design" (by industry), qualification "Designer".
     Since 2007. - Work: artist-designer and professor of design specialty in colleges of Kirov.
     From 2012-2014,. - Study in Vyatka Social and Economic Institute (VSEI) in the design department, the profile of "Graphic Design". Red diploma. In the category "Art" In 2014, Diploma "The best graduate of the Kirov region.
Was awarded with diplomas, certificates of honor, letters of thanks for the creative achievements and great contribution to the development of fine arts of the Kirov region, as well as pedagogical skills, high-quality training in advertising and design colleges in the city of Kirov.


Member of international, personal, regional and municipal, family and design exhibitions.



His works are in private collections in Russia and abroad, as well as in public museum collections:

• The Museum of Graphic Arts. Egypt, the Giza;
•  Museum of  Alexander Green; Kirov
• Kirov Regional Museum;
• Bashkir State Art Museum. M.V. Nesterov .Ufa