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Moscow  29  International Book Fair 2016

       September 7-11, 2016 in Moscow hosted regular International Book Fair in which I participated. My books were exhibited at the stand of manuscripts books. There were four participants from Moscow and two from Kirov (Vyatka) -  me and Eugene Musohranov.
       I want to  mention a bad organization of the exhibition:
            - was bad  awareness of participants and visitors;
            - the lack of programs for all participants (was printed only 20 copies for VIP-persons). There were other "mistakes".
       All this was due to the change of the organizers of this event (the lack of experience, and perhaps the desire to reduce costs and get more profit).
       As for the number of participating countries, and this figure is inferior to the previous exhibitions. There was no, practically, the whole of Europe. Yes, there were Serbia, Greece, but it is not the whole of Europe. Obviously it was the result of international sanctions against Russia.
       Asia  was only China presented. No publishers were represented not only Japan but also Vietnam. Do not take part even friendly to us India (our economic and strategic partner).
       The American continent was presented by Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. Brazil was absent, despite the close relationship between our countries.
       In short, the exhibition was less representative and therefore less interesting (in my opinion). As for the organization, then, as I said, the general opinion of the majority of exhibitors and visitors the same as mine.
       I had a chance to get acquainted with the artist from Iran Sara Horaman. She is an illustrator of children's literature. Despite her youth, she is  an interesting artist (I had the opportunity to get acquainted with its graphics - a very interesting and unique in Russia, I have not seen such a technique.) Already has authority in this art form.

       Given the fact that in October, in Vyatka we open the International Exhibition in Art book format, I asked her to take part. I hope that we will see her picture book.


Valeri Burov


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Artist's Book Section


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Maria Gabriella

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