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 Dear friends and colleagues! New Year and new projects are just around the corner. I want to say that this year our exhibition activity is successful, as evidenced by past and upcoming exhibitions.

In the new year, we plan to hold several exhibitions. Different exhibitions. The first is, of course, an exhibition in the format of the book of the artist. She will be the sixth in a row. The second is an exhibition of modern graphics. The third is an exhibition of calligrapher artists.

I place the regulations on exhibitions on the site. I invite you and your friends to participate and support our projects.

Valeri Burov


Nadezhda Frolova


Born 1986, Kirov (Vyatka), Kirov region.

1998 - entered the Vyatka Humanities and Art Lyceum.
Fellow of the Kirov, and then the All-Russian Children's Fund.
2001 - 2005 years. - Vyatskoe art school. A.Rylova.
2005 - joined the Youth Association of Artists VTOO CXP
2015 - member of the Kirov branch of the Russian Artists' Union.


Participation in exhibitions:

2007 - regional exhibition of young artists (Kirov)
2007 - regional exhibition "Watercolors & Drawings" (Kirov)
2007 - regional exhibition of young artists (K-Chepetsk)
2007 - personal exhibition (Art Center Library A.Gertsena, Kirov.)
2008 - Young Artists Exhibition "Bright" (Kirov)
2009 - exhibition of the youth association CXP "Birthday of N.V. Gogol" (Kirov)
2009 - regional exhibition of young artists (Kirov)
2010 - Regional exhibition "Five Elements" (br Vasnetsov Museum Kirov..)
2010 - personal exhibition "I swim in the blue water" (Kirov)
2010 - Personal exhibition "chop" (Kirov)
2010 - Regional Exhibition of Young Artists "Heaven" (Kirov)
2013 - Personal exhibition "Music and Musicians" (Kirov Progress Gallery.)
2013 - Regional exhibition "Russian North" (Syktyvkar)
2014 - personal exhibition «Color block» (Kirov, Progress Gallery)