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Dear friends and colleagues!



As promised, I tell about the artists who have added to my collection in 2017.


Dmitry Nikolaevich SENNIKOV, Honored Artist of Russia.

We have been friends with Dmitry since 1980, soon after receiving them a workshop on the Green Embankment. His workshop - the shelter of friends, colleagues and admirers of his talent. His creative activity, he began as a graphic artist.

After the collapse of the USSR, when "the world's most readable country" stopped not only reading but also existing, Dmitry Nikolaevich began to work first with the  tempera and then with oil.

He participates in many exhibitions of various levels. About him shot five movies.

A sense of humor and optimistic nature are reflected in his works, and the names of the pictures perfectly complement their content.

His first works he gave  to me in the distant 1982, gradually complementing my collection. The last replenishment was made in January 2017, when he handed to me wonderful drawings, a total of 39 pieces, for which I thanked you so much.

I publish some illustrations from the latest replenishment.

Nadezda Frolova, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

This is a very young girl who graduated from the Kirov Art College of  Rylov. Her work is contemporary painting, incorporating many trends and styles: from naive and primitivism, to post-impressionism and Post avangard's.

Our acquaintance happened at the exhibition of the artist's book in 2016, to which she became a participant.

Nadezda is a multifaceted personality. She finished three courses at the Literary Institute. A. Gorky (branch of "prose"). He writes both prose and verse, which are popular.

She is a participant of many art exhibitions of various levels, including the Artist's Book. Works in the technique of watercolor, pastel, oil ...

In my collection about one and a half dozen of her works of different periods and techniques of execution.

One of her works (among the few artists) is in my permanent exposition.


Dmitry Nikolaevich Sennikov

Nadezda Frolova



Friends, lovers of the books! Our exhibition "Winged Phrases, Sentences and Aphorisms", after the closing in the library of A. Gertsen began her work in the library of  A. Likhanov.

I enclose a video of my short interview before the opening of the exhibition  for Kirov Television.

All the best. Valeri