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About 2020 projects

Friends! I received a letter from Sarah Bodman, in which she informed me that she had just posted the next edition of the Bulletin of the artist’s book, which published the Regulations for our exhibitions in 2020 (p. . 33-34). The first exhibition is in the format of the artist’s book (the theme is “Love and Music”), and the second is “Graphics. XXI Century”. Both exhibitions are international and I hope that artists from many countries, having received information from such a serious publication as Vestnik (six issues a year since 2002) will support us and take part. In Vestnik there is a photo of my book in the form of a piano called "Musicians are laughing." In September of this year, the next "Yearbook of the Artist's Book" was released, in which Sarah posts information about the most "lit up" artists of the world. It contains information about me and my books with a description and photos of three books. Those who wish to look at the Vestnik can do this at http://www.bookarts.uwe.ac.uk/pdf/newspdfs/128.pdf and I attach the photos from the Yearbook with information about me. All the best and success.

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In May of this year, the fifth, exhibition in the artist’s book format in Kirov (Vyatka) finished its work. Her theme is "The Seasons."

The exhibition was attended by more than sixty artists from Russian cities, as well as foreign countries, which presented to the public more than 80 books, most of which were made specifically for our exhibition in a single copy and are unique.

Artists from Great Britain, Italy, USA, Iceland, Egypt, Pakistan, Norway, Denmark, Belarus took part in the project ... I would like to note that Sarah Bodman, who is not only a wonderful artist, but also a propagandist, sent a book to our exhibition (Publishes a magazine artist's books ”since 2002), and the organizer of international exhibitions and seminars on this subject.

Some foreign artists (Anna Snayedis Sigmarsdotter, Sarah Bryant, Jackie Batey, Evelina Schatz) have been working with us for several years, for which we sincerely appreciate them both for their participation and for their moral support.

For the first time, Ehlam Fekri (Egypt) and Pakistani calligrapher Zzahoor took part in this exhibition. Although this is their first participation in such projects, the work performed by them received the deserved attention and interest of the public.

Upon completion of this project, on June 15, we opened a new exhibition in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan. Works for this project were selected from previous exhibitions. In total, 73 books of 51 authors were selected.

During the preparation of the exhibition Kazan artists added their art objects. The total number of books was about 100 copies.

The initiator of this exhibition was the Kazan artist Timur Khairullin, who is a participant in two of our projects, I was happy to support his initiative. The exhibition opened in the modern and beautiful premises of the museum to them. M. Gorky. Famous people of Tatarstan came to the opening: Honored Artist of Russia, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Firinad Khalikov; Chairman of the Union of Designers of Tatarstan, Academician of the National Academy of Design Dmitry Koshkin; the national artist of the Republic of Tatarstan, the main artist of the Kazan book publishing house Rushat Shamsutdinov; Chairman of the Tatar branch of the professional union of artists Lada Ayupova; Doctor of Science, Professor of Kazan Pedagogical University Galia Kirillova, a graduate of London Centre  St. Martins artist Ekaterina Kolobaeva and many famous artists and creative people of Tatarstan.

Timur Khairullin did a great job preparing for the opening of the exhibition. Colorful posters and invitation cards were printed, and on the opening day of the project an control  copy of the catalog was printed.The opening of the exhibition was successful.

The exhibition will run until July 24, 2019.rinted.

Exhibition in Kazan


Friends and colleagues! I want to share with you the good news: a participant in our exhibitions, Kazan artist Timofey Khairullin, inspired by our projects, offered to hold TWO exhibitions from our foundation in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan. One in the Republican National Library, and the second in the museum to them. M. Gorky. 
I, of course, not only agreed to hold them, but was flattered by such a proposal. The fact is that Kazan has not yet held such exhibitions, although the work of many artists of Tatarstan is closely connected with the Book. Our exhibition will be the FIRST exhibition of the Artist's Book. 
Timofey Khairullin is an interesting and talented artist, a tireless enthusiast and just an enthusiastic person. He has serious intentions and a great desire to implement his own projects related to the Artist's Book, attracting artists of the Republic to these projects. 
I want to wish Timofey success in the implementation of all plans. 
Valeri Burov 



Dear friends! On Wednesday, April 17, we opened the next, fifth, exhibition in the format of the Artist's Book. Her theme is "The Seasons."

The exhibition was attended by ... artists from the UK, America, Italy, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Egypt, Pakistan, Belarus and Russia. Presented more than 90 books, most of which are made in a single copy.

Along with outstanding artists such as Sarah Bodman (Great Britain), Evelina Schatz (Italy), Sarah Bryant (USA), Anna Snayedis Sigmarsdottir (Iceland) and other foreign and Russian artists, children from art studios of Kirov and university students who are learning the profession are participating "Graphic design".

The exhibition opened at the library namedA. Pushkin, whose management kindly provided us with their premises for the exposition, for which many thanks to them.

In August, we will show some of the books from our collection at the prestigious international folk festival in Tatarstan, where about 60 books will be on display, and in September we will show this collection in the M. Gorky and F. Chaliapin Museum in Kazan. The organizers plan to publish a color catalog of this exhibition.

But that's not all, in October our books will be shown in Amsterdam, as part of a cultural exchange between Russia and the Netherlands.

I hope that the exhibition in Kirov and the upcoming exhibitions in Tatarstan and Netherland will arouse wide public interest.

Friends! In preparation for our new exhibition in the format of the artist's book and the search for potential participants around the world, I met the Egyptian artist Ahlam Fekri, who lives in Cairo.

Each of us had meetings and acquaintances, and invisible, but clearly positive emotions and a desire to communicate were immediately established with some people. These feelings caused the first letters to Ahlam and her desire not only to participate in the exhibition, but also interest in our projects and a sincere desire to help. Fate, as they say, does not accidentally bring people together and, at first glance, some random or one-time event and acquaintance can become not only a strong friendly relationship, but also give impetus to further creative projects.

So it happened with us. A chance acquaintance, and then a gift to us for the exhibition in the form of 18 works in A4 format and .... and then a wide scope for creative achievements.

At the end of last year in the huge exhibition hall in the center of Cairo, a personal exhibition of this wonderful artist took place. She told me about this joyful event, I congratulated her, and a few weeks later Ehlam sent me a video with a panorama of this exhibition. What to say about the impression of the exposure? FANTASY!!! Looking at her work creates a feeling of some big and bright holiday, which I wrote to her about and shared my emotions. (By the way, after my delight, which I expressed to her, she sent me notes about the exhibition, which were published in the Cairo press. It is surprising that my opinion and the opinion of art historians and the press almost coincided and was consonant with them, which I told Ahlam, joking about this, that I made an assessment  her work as a professional art critic).

Fascinated by the painting of Mrs. Fekri, I sent a video with a panorama of her exhibition and my delights to my Kazan friend Timofey  Khairullin, a remarkable person and artist. Having seen the video, Timofey was also very impressed with the work of the Egyptian artist, showed her exposure to his acquaintances, members of the Union of Artists of Tatarstan and the leadership of the Ministry of Culture, who also appreciated her art. Then Timofey suggested that I try to resolve the issue of a personal exhibition in Kazan with Ahlam herself.

On February 4, I am going to Kazan to open a personal exhibition of Timofey Khairullin and during our communication we will try to resolve the issue with the Ahlam Fekri exhibition in one of the exhibition halls of the capital of Tatarstan. Ahlam herself agreed to implement the project in Kazan. Now it's up to the decision of routine organizational issues (sending pictures, guarantees, etc. ...).

I dare to hope that this project will be implemented, of which I will no doubt inform you.


Vasnetsov's readings


Friends! On Thursday 17 december 2018 I visited the library to them Vasnetsov brothers. There were ХУ Vasnetsov readings. I was invited as a jury member to evaluate the handmade books made by children and gave a lecture on the manuscript book and the Artist's Book. 
What to say? Very talented kids, thinking, inquisitive. I hope that in a couple of years, having gained experience, they will become true masters of this type of creativity. I wish them all successes.




Friends, lovers of the books! Our exhibition "Winged Phrases, Sentences and Aphorisms", after the closing in the library of A. Gertsen began her work in the library of  A. Likhanov.

I enclose a video of my short interview before the opening of the exhibition  for Kirov Television.

All the best. Valeri

Dear friends and colleagues!



As promised, I tell about the artists who have added to my collection in 2017.


Dmitry Nikolaevich SENNIKOV, Honored Artist of Russia.

We have been friends with Dmitry since 1980, soon after receiving them a workshop on the Green Embankment. His workshop - the shelter of friends, colleagues and admirers of his talent. His creative activity, he began as a graphic artist.

After the collapse of the USSR, when "the world's most readable country" stopped not only reading but also existing, Dmitry Nikolaevich began to work first with the  tempera and then with oil.

He participates in many exhibitions of various levels. About him shot five movies.

A sense of humor and optimistic nature are reflected in his works, and the names of the pictures perfectly complement their content.

His first works he gave  to me in the distant 1982, gradually complementing my collection. The last replenishment was made in January 2017, when he handed to me wonderful drawings, a total of 39 pieces, for which I thanked you so much.

I publish some illustrations from the latest replenishment.

Nadezda Frolova, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

This is a very young girl who graduated from the Kirov Art College of  Rylov. Her work is contemporary painting, incorporating many trends and styles: from naive and primitivism, to post-impressionism and Post avangard's.

Our acquaintance happened at the exhibition of the artist's book in 2016, to which she became a participant.

Nadezda is a multifaceted personality. She finished three courses at the Literary Institute. A. Gorky (branch of "prose"). He writes both prose and verse, which are popular.

She is a participant of many art exhibitions of various levels, including the Artist's Book. Works in the technique of watercolor, pastel, oil ...

In my collection about one and a half dozen of her works of different periods and techniques of execution.

One of her works (among the few artists) is in my permanent exposition.

Friends! On Thursday 17 december 2018 I visited the library to them Vasnetsov brothers. There were ХУ Vasnetsov readings. I was invited as a jury member to evaluate the handmade books made by children and gave a lecture on the manuscript book and the Artist's Book. 
What to say? Very talented kids, thinking, inquisitive. I hope that in a couple of years, having gained experience, they will become true masters of this type of creativity. I wish them all successes.


Dmitry Nikolaevich Sennikov


Nadezda Frolova