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Opening of the exhibition



         Hooray!  The exhibition "The literary jokes, games and fantasy" is open.


         The very exposure and the opening ceremony took place in the department of old books on the background of folios XVII - XIX centuries. Visitors were more than 70 people, including four Honored Artist of Russia and about ten members of the Kirov branch of the Russian Artists' Union.


         Reviews about the show and presented the books  was of the most enthusiastic.



         The 57 people took part in the exhibition, which presented 74 books. Of the participants, 21 - members of the Russian Union of Artists (some have the title of "Honored Artist"), four - members of the International Art Fund.


         The artists from three continents took part in the exhibition: Australia (Dayan Fogvell Frankie Spark), Europe (Evelina Schatz, Osama Lazcani, Gerda Ritzman Rita Marhaug, Paul Johnson, Olof Cangaz) and America (Sarah Bryant and Julia Akhmadeeva).


          Geography of Russia represented by Moscow, St. Petersburg, Taganrog, Krasnodar, Cheboksary and, of course, Vyatka.


         It should be noted that all the representatives of other cities - are professionals of the highest level, whose books are, without exaggeration, are the adornment of any Russian and foreign exhibitions. Among them Vasily Vlasov, Mikhail Pogarsky Elena Pavlova (Potanina),  Vera Atkarskaya, Grigory Sokolov, Cyrus Mathissen, Igor Ulangin, Victoria Barvenko, Dmitry Babenko Svetlana Nikolskaya, Hope Kabirov, Alexander Jikia, Emil Guzairov, Irina Yablochkina.



          Most of the books - a Unikat, made specially for this project. Techniques in which they are performed, reflect the interests and preferences of the authors. This hand-written books, and books made on the computer, hard copy printed on separate sheets as works of graphics ... but they share one thing in common - a love to the  book and her veneration.



         On each book imprint of the character and personality of the author. Many books causes a kind smile, which is caused by the theme of the exhibition. We can not remain indifferent and did not smile books of  M.Pogarsky, V.Burov, N.Frolov, E.Shats or "Club women's fantasies." They  have and good humor, and sarcasm, and unusual supply the books themselves ...



        Very good   books  of V. Vlasov, E. Guzairov, V.Atkarskaya, Gr. Sokolov and many others.



         Would like to mention children's books children center of  Oktyabrsky district of  Kirov (head M. Goreva). Age of participants - 9 years old, but with what love and diligence to make each book, with some imagination. It is safe to assume that in a few years, these young artists find their niche in this field of art, and, who knows, maybe the they  will become professional artists.



          In conclusion, I would like to thank all participants of our exhibition for the support of our project, at  the books that they had submitted, for their hard work and good attitude.



          I wish them creative longevity, success and implementation plans.




Curator of exhibition                                                     Valeri  Burov