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about the  International exhibition "Love and Music" in the format of the book of the artist


Dear friends and colleagues! In April 2020, we plan to hold the next exhibition. Her theme is "Love and Music". These topics accompany each person throughout their lives,  what could be more beautiful than a sincere and deep feeling of love and music, which affecting the most delicate strings in the soul of a person.

If we were not surrounded by music, how much poorer would be our culture, art and our very life. Music around us from birth to death. She can not only please and cheer up, but also console in a difficult moment of life. She exalts us.

If we talk about love, then this exalted feeling gives rise in every lover to such emotions and passions that can either raise a person to the heights of happiness and bliss or throw him into the abyss of base passions.

 The great geniuses of literature (V. Shakespeare, I.V. Goethe,, Dante, F. Petrarch, A. Pushkin ....) give us many similar examples, so we believe that this topic will be close and interesting to most of you.

The format of the books is arbitrary, convenient for shipping and transportation. The number of books is not limited.

Each participant will receive a DIPLOMA. A version of the electronic CATALOG is being considered.

The deadline for submitting books is March 30, 2020.

All received books remain in the “Book of the Artist” fund for further expositions.

  Phones for information: (8-8332) 67-01-37, mob. tel. + 7-912-822-69-40

E-mail: valeriburov@yandex.ru        Website:  artistsbook.ru

Project Curator:   Valeri Burov


about the international exhibition of graphics “GRAPHICS. Century XX1 »


Dear friends and colleagues!

In the process of preparing exhibitions in the format of the Artist’s book and communicating with you, I had the idea to hold an international exhibition of modern graphics (watercolor, pastel, etching, drawing ...).

In the process of creative searches and work, each of us has accumulated a lot of preparatory material for subsequent serious work, and this material often remains unclaimed, but, as we understand it, it is of some interest, since knowledge, skill, ideas and finally time wasted.

Most importantly, unlike the Artist’s book, participation in this exhibition will not require additional efforts and time for you to create them, you just need to look through your folders and select works.

When I voiced this idea to my friends, russian and foreign artists, I met full understanding and support for this project. I hope that the idea of this exhibition will find understanding and resonance in your hearts and you will support the project.

We do not limit the exhibition to any specific topic, format of work, technique of execution and material ... The only wish is that the work be completed after 2000.

Each participant will receive a DIPLOMA, an electronic version of the CATALOG will be made, which each participant will receive.

Deadline for work is September 30, 2020

The works remain in the fund for further expositions.

The order of registration of work:

On the front side (under the image) on the left is the name of the work, on the right is the author’s autograph. Signatures are in pencil.

On a separate sheet in English:

Full name of the author, country, city

Name, format of work, material, equipment, year of creation

Participation in exhibitions (if any)

E-mail address

Phones for information: (8-8332) 67-01-37, mobile phone + 7-912-822-69-40

E-mail: valeriburov@yandex.ru    Website: artistsbook.ru

Project curator Valery Burov




       Dear friends and colleagues! In September 2018, we plan to hold another exhibition. Her theme is "The Seasons". The theme of this project we associate not only with weather and nature, but also with periods of human life, as well as with the philosophical aspects of our being.

        In our opinion, this topic is rather diverse, multilateral, gives wide opportunities for creativity and self-expression.

        We do not limit artists to the format of books, nor the technique of performance, nor material ... complete freedom.

       Another important aspect of choosing this particular theme is to enable young artists who do not know the art of binding books and other subtleties of their production to participate in the project. They can execute the Book of the Artist in separate sheets, on which you can depict any subjects, providing them with short phrases that complete the visual side, and the masters who know the art of casting hand-made paper can use some original form, and their books will introduce a variety  of our project.

        Each participant of the project will receive a memorable DIPLOMA.

        I hope for the active support of  this project and the participation of a wide range of artists from Russia and other countries of the world.

       The number of works is not limited. The deadline for submitting works is August 15, 2018.

        All the received books remain in the "Book of the Artist" fund for further expositions.

        Telephones for information: (8-8332) 67-01-37,    mob.  8-912-822-69-40;          8-951-351-74-31.

       Curator of the exhibition        Valeri  Burov

For our new project "Winged phrases, sentences and aphorisms" books began to arrive. The first to send Grigory Sokolov and Jackie Batey. This book Jackie "The mean bone"

about the exhibition "Catch phrases, maxims and aphorisms" in ARTIST BOOK format

          Dear friends and colleagues. The organizing committee announced a new project in the format artist's book titled "Winged phrases, maxims and aphorisms." This topic seems to us, it is of interest not only by the content, but opense  befor the artist opens up a wide range of technical and creative possibilities.
           Given the fact that this genre of literary work is brief, concise form, but succinct in content, does not require a large area for the realization of design, we decided to spend it in a miniature book format, that is no more than 100x75 mm.
           This is due to the fact that this project, like the previous ones, we plan to show in other cities of the Kirov region and our neighboring regions, and a miniature format,  facilitate as the transportation and placement of exposure in any acceptable for this room and space, even a don't very large
            Each participant will receive a diploma,  by the end of the exhibition  and the electronic version of the Directory can be downloaded on the website.
          Number of the books  is not limited. Deadline work - until March 25, 2017.
         All submitted books remain in the fund "Artist's Book" for further exposition.

         Telephones: (8-8332) 67-01-37, mob. 8-912-822-69-40; 8-951-351-74-31.

E-mail: valeriburov @ yandex.ru   Website:    artistsbook.ru
         Curator of the exhibition             Valery Burov.








Exhibition of Italian book artists in Kirov (Vyatka)

       Ends 2016. The year in which the "Club of the author's manuscript in Vyatka", together with the Regional Directorate of the Order of Merit Scientific Library. A.Gertsena were organized and held two exhibitions in the artist's book format.
       The first exhibition was entitled "Vyatka. History and the present through the eyes of an artist. " It was attended by 74 authors who put the audience 107 books. Most of the books were unique and created specifically for this project. The age of participants ranged from 8 to 70 years.
       This exhibition was held in the framework of the annual regional exhibition-competition "Book of the Year 2015". It was attended by all the publishing and printing centers and Kirov region. Number of published books in 2015 was more than 900.

       A jury evaluated the book in various fields and categories: educational, health, local history, etc. Books were evaluated as the artist's book. The best books have become "expert Dymkovo toys Valentine Plemyannikova" (author and artist V.Burov) and "Ryabovo" in 2 vols. (Author and artist V.Burov), who received a special diploma as "a unique book." This assessment indicates that the level of books made by artists of the Kirov, is very high.

       The second exhibition was called "literary jokes, games and fantasy." It was attended not only Kirov artists, but also the leading book-artists of Russia: Vasily Vlasov, Mikhail Pogarsky Elena Pavlova (Potanin), Alex Parygin, Cyrus Mathiesen, Svetlana Nikolskaya, Hope Kabirov, Emil Guzairov Vera Atkarskaya and many other artists whose names and works are well known not only in Russia but also abroad.
       Participation in this project international artists gave it the status of the International. His books sent Dayan Fogveyl and Frankie Spark (Australia), Gerda Ritsmann (Switzerland), Rita Marhaug (Norway), Olaf Kangaz (Finland), Osama lapel and Paul Johnson (England), Evelina Schatz (Italy), Julia Akhmadeeva (Mexico) Sara and Brian (USA).

       These exhibitions have become prominent cultural events of Vyatka. They were highly appreciated by the inhabitants of the Kirov and the region, as well as visitors to the city. exhibitions Progress was widely covered in the press, on TV and on the Internet (see artistsbook.ru site).

        Another important achievement of our "Club manuscripts in Vyatka" was an increase in the number of artists who joined our ranks. It Dmitry Sennikov, Honored Artist of Russia, member of the Kirov branch of the Union of Artists of Russia Alexander Drake, Tatiana Korshunova, a young artist Marina Gorev, and others. Today, our club comprises 15 permanent members. This is two and a half times more than the Moscow Association of author manuscripts (TO ARC).
       During the preparations for the second Mrs. Evelina Schatz exhibition, which has extensive experience of the artist's book exhibitions in Italy (as curator) and several similar projects in Russia (as the coordinator, together with Michael Pogarsky), unexpectedly offered to organize and hold exhibition in Kirov Italian buk- artists. I checked the matter with the Directorate of Library. A.Gertsena and exhibition scheduled for December 21 this year.
       The exhibition will include 50 unique books, created by Italian artists and 10 books made itself Mrs. Evelina Schatz. The books will be on display in the historic hall of the library in the background of vintage books HU111- H1H centuries.
       Equally surprising was the suggestion of Mrs. E.Shats to hold the evening of her poetry in Italian and Russian languages. This initiative was also supported by the Directorate of Libraries and 22 December at the Art Salon of the library will be held this interesting recital.
       Especially for this event are invited famous Kirov musicians who create background music and a pleasant atmosphere for Evelyn poetry, as well as for the audience.
       Kirovchane eagerly awaiting the opening of the exhibition and evening of poetry Evelina Schatz.
       Hosts and organizers of cultural events express the hope that the first contacts will serve as a good starting point for the establishment of cultural and friendly relations not only the artists of the two countries, but the peoples of Italy and Russia.
       Curator of exhibitions            V.Burov