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     Dear friends!


       The opened date of the exhibition "Winged phrases, maxims and aphorisms" is defined. This will happen on November 16 at 17 o'clock in the historical premises of the regional scientific library  name of  A. Herzen.

       The exhibition is attended by artists from Europe, North America...

       I hope that, like the previous exhibitions, it will attract interest from the public and will be accepted kindly.

       I thank all artists who sent their books to our project, for their talent, work, skill, support and benevolent attitude.Success in creativity and life!



Valeri Burov


H. Pavlov, S-Peterburg, "A.P.Chehov "Quotes"


T. Hayrullin, Kazan "Biblical Quotes"

gallery/original  icelandic bookworks from 2012

Anna Snædís,   United Kingdom,  "Icelandic landscape"


Joulia Akhmadeeva and students, "Albur"


V.Burov,Kirov, "Winged Phrases"


Tatiana Korshunova, "Citations"

Friends! Congratulations to all participants of the exhibition "Winged phrases, sentences and aphorisms" with its opening.

            More than 60 artists from Kirov, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Kerch, Taganrog took part in the exhibition, and Anna Snædís Sigmarsdóttir from Iceland, Julia Akhmadeeva and students from the University of Mexico and Jackie Batey) from the UK.

              Presented about a hundred books, most of which are unique, since they are made in a single copy.

           Some of  books amaze with their design and technique of execution. For the first time in our exhibition took part a young artist from Kirov Ekaterina Klautsan, who executed the book entirely from ceramics. No less interesting are the books of other authors.

              Julia Akhmadeeva and a group of her students performed a wonderful small-format book. It has a perfect binding, a well-chosen font, and author's illustrations of Julia and students perfectly "revive" the text, filled with folk humor and irony.

            Us, the organizers of this exhibition, pleased that some artists are already "firmly" fit in our projects, for which we are sincerely  grateful to them.

               A pleasant surprise was the participation in the project of new names. They are Anna Snadis (Iceland), Timofey Khayrullin (Kazan), Kim Su Khan (Moscow), Alexei Degtyaruk (Kerch), as well as some Kirov artists.

           The exhibition will last until December 21. The fact that all of December at the library by him. A.I. Herzen's anniversary in honor of the 180th anniversary of the opening day and a whole month there will be a large number of events, which will be attended by many visitors.

              Once again I express my gratitude to everyone.

             I enclose a photo from the opening of the exhibition.